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Don’t worry everybody, i will not spoil anything! I hate spoilers as you do :)

Well, i read Shadowhunter TMI last year and i loved it! I can’t wait anyway the release of CoHF MHDBFCHDJBV HV B HFV BF

Well i loved the trilogy because there is more action and less love (as we see in TMI). I loved very much the parabatai thing between Will and Jem. They are truly parabatai meanwhile Jace and Alec are not so close (my opinion). I loved the fact Magnus is an important character because he is one of my favourite! The one thing i would like to talk about is the E P I L O G U E! THAT FUCKING EPILOGUE. OH MY F****G GOD MY HEART.

I NEED ANSWERS. I NEED AN OBLIVION SPELL. I cried too much for that and i’m also sad because i hoped into another final.

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