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So, i’ve finished this book last week and i woul like to express my opinion about it. It is not a review as journalism, but it is a simple comment on a book that will remain in my heart. I had never read a book about this topic, actually i read a few books that deal with real life. I started it just for curiosity.
I will not talk about the plot or describe the characters, I will just say that the last two chapters I read on the train and I cried all the way long. I cried for the book? Obviously. The story is heartbreaking, i found the ending incomplete and especially a young couple was destroyed because of this terrible disease.
All this reminded me of my grandmother. I lost her when was 7 years old for the same reason. While i was reading the chapter of the funeral, immediately appeared into my mind the scene of her funeral. I had to close the book and cry until I calmed down and then resume and not dry out more tears until the end. I’m not saying all this because I seek pity, but I just want to thank John Green that I revived the memory of my grandmother. I have not mentioned only the disease but all the happy moments I spent with her. This book should be read by all. Even if you have similar experiences, a piece of your heart will remain there.

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